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The Passeiertal is a hiker’s paradise and one of most beautiful hiking areas in South Tyrol. All hiking routes are well labeled and offer young and old a great hiking experience and an opportunity to discover the valley. From Hotel Alpenland guests can go on walks or start bigger hikes which lead to the Alpine meadows or even to the summits. In summer there is a bus which takes hikers to the Timmelsjoch pass, so that guests don’t have to use their cars. Discover the Passer Canyon, climb the local mountain Hochwart. Discover the mining terrain Schneeberg. These are only a few examples for places to explore here in the mountains. The alms and shelters in Passeiertal invite you for a visit. We’d love to help you plan a hike and show you our interactive hiking map.

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Do you feel like riding a bike?

Have you ever tried an E-Bike? During your vacation in the Hotel Alpenland you may rent an E-Bike for 20 €/day and use it to explore the surrounding mountains.

Proposals for excursions with the E-Bike from Hotel Alpenland:

  • To the Alpine Meadows in Stuls to the Egger-Grub-Alm (Possibilities to get food and drink)
  • To the Schlattacher Madher (meadows)
  • To the Kios to the Jaufenstreet, to St. Leonhard, over to Breiteben, to Platt and back to Moos over to Stuls
  • To Platt to the Ulfaser Alm
  • To Pfelders to the Lazinser Hof or Lazinser Alm (both are places with restaurants) retour to Pill
  • To the Timmelsjoch
  • And other possibilities
Summer Summer

Do you want to climb?

Guests who love to climb are going to love the newly designed and incorporated climb from Moos to Stuls along the 3rd biggest waterfall in Europe. Other possibilities to climb in Stuls, Moos and Pfelders are available.

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