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The Bunker Mooseum

In Moos you may visit the Bunker Mooseum - a special museum, situated in an old bunker from the 40’s. There you are going to find interesting facts about the history and nature of the Passeier Valley. It is family friendly and interactive. There you will also find interesting facts about the nature park/mountain range Texelgruppe its settlement and various timelines, of its significance in the 40’s, the story of the 5 capricorns, the glacier mill and the campfire site and mining. You may also experience the difference between the indoor (artificial) and outdoor (natural) climbing wall.

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In the footsteps of Andreas Hofer

The legendary Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer died more than 200 years ago, but he is still unforgotten today. At his birthplace in St. Leonhard in Passeier you will experience how Hofer grew up and get to know his way to one of the most important figures in Tyrolean history. Commander-in-Chief of Tyrol, escape to the Pfandler Alm, betrayal and execution in Mantua in 1810: history comes to life in the Andreas Hofer Museum. Take a trip to the Passeiertal and get to know the place of birth and the life of Hofer!

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Discover the Jaufenburg (castle)

Noblemen in St. Leonhard in the Passeier Valley erected the painterly Jaufenburg during the Middle Ages. Now it’s in the possession of a museum and can be visited. Illustrated boards document the history of the castle; tell stories about the old historical farm compounds, Earl Fuchs, the noblemen and the court of Passeier. You are also going to be able to see renaissance paintings of the painter Bartlme Dill Riemenschneider from the 16th century. The 5th floor, the last one shows you the wonderful panoramic view and a listening station from which you will hear many different mythologies.


Excursion to the termal city of Merano

Meran is the second biggest city next to the more Italian influenced main city Bozen and has more German speaking inhabitants. Majestic mountains beautifully surround the Spa town. The all-year very mild climate with more than 300 sunny days attracts many visitors from all around the world. Not only hikers and lovers of winter sports but also admirers of this remarkable, historical city come to visit. The historical city center hosts many traditional stores and contemporary shops, which offer a wonderful array of different shopping experiences.

Be enchanted by the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

The botanical gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff are some of the beautiful gardens of Europe. With more than over 12 hectares you will find at least 12 different varieties of landscaping from forest gardens to sunny southern gardens, water- and terrace gardens, which reflect the typical South Tyrolean flora. The beautifully restored castle with it’s permanent collection and the tourimuseum with its multimedia exhibition explains the history of tourism in the alpine region and is worth a visit.

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