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Facial tratments

Pure natural body and facial care. Thought with the heart. Made by hand. All Alpienne products are deliberately made in traditional craftsmanship. Sustainable production. 100% plant-based ingredients. Bioactive active ingredients. Pure natural ingredients.

Facial treatments „Power of Alps“ 
ca. 50 min. 68,00 €
                  98,00 € incl. care prducts in the amount of 49,90 €
Pure relaxation and care at the highest level for every skin type.

Facial treatments „Alpienne Rosenhauch-Anti-Aging“
80 min.  85,00 €
            115,00 € incl. care prducts in the amount of 49,90 €
Real rejuvenation! The high-quality Biopir (brewer's yeast) elixir in combination with high-quality ingredients gives your skin a firm and rich appearance.


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