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Classic Whole Body      ca. 50 min.     68,00 €
The treatment loosens and relaxes the scusoloskeltal system and gives you a deep sense of relaxation and a centred balance.

Relax massge with aromatic oils    ca. 50 min.     68,00 €
Relax massage with warm essential oils.

Intensive back massage                 ca. 45 min.     68,00 €
Intensive back treatment. Ideal in the preence of back pain: the heat relaes the muscles and the short subsequen massage loosens the contractures.

back massage                            ca. 25 min.     36,00 €

Partial massage                        ca. 25 min.     36,00 €
- head neck
- legs back
- face

Alpine massage             ca. 50 min.     68,00 €
relax massage with arnica tonic and arnica milk.

Feet massage               ca. 25 min.     36,00 €
                                       ca. 45 min.     68,00 €
Used to relax and strengthen the immune system.

Hot Stone massage               ca. 50 min.     65,00 €
The warm volcanic rock stimulates blood circulation and activates your body’s own energy sources. The warmth penetrates deep into your body and is hugely relaxing.

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